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Automotive Management Network is the largest information hub and interactive forum designed specifically for automotive repair shop managers and owners of vehicle service facilities. Automotive Management Network has more than 15,000 registered members. In typical month more than 15,000 unique individuals visit the site. What sets Automotive Management Network apart? Our goal is to provide easy access to everything that a shop owner or manager needs – both here and via links to other authoritative sources online. While we have created a number of resources for our subscribers on the Automotive Management Network site, we also reference and link to other opinions and ideas or outside knowledge. The Automotive Management Network is an auto repair clearinghouse. We have researched topics, written articles, and solicited information from the experts in the field—our readers—then organized it so that our subscribers can access it in a user-friendly way. They don’t have to spend time searching the web because we’ve already done that for them. We are also unique in that we do not steer our users towards a particular management philosophy or specific approach. We try to be as objective as possible, highlighting multiple solutions or opinions so shop managers can select the best advice for their situations and issues. We encourage our readers to bookmark our website in their internet browser and use it whenever they have a management related question. By checking Automotive Management Network first they will save a lot of time.

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  • You furnish us with the email that you want to send
  • We send these out on Tuesdays
  • We will send them out a second time a few days later to anyone who did not open the first one
  • Minimum of a four-week interval between emails from the same advertiser
  • Open rates are typically between 14% and 19%

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Because we attract a wide variety of users from the automotive repair industry, we have access to members of every part of that industry. For the advertiser, this means we can connect your products to small or large businesses and to shop managers in every part of the USA. Not only will you be able to reach them, but you’ll be able to reach them when they are actively seeking out information about how to make their work simpler and more efficient.

In addition, not only will you reach managers, but you will have access to industry workers who might directly benefit from your products and would benefit from learning about them. Our subscribers are people who are invested in the automotive repair industry and wish to make their own businesses more productive and profitable. Because Automotive Management Network promotes both networking and the free flow of information about industry products and processes, it’s the best option for multiple point access to auto repair shop management nationwide.

If catching the attention of motivated, hands-on auto management sounds good to you, contact us today to discuss your advertising options with the Automotive Management Network.

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